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When Not To Use JTA/XA

The table below shows some cases where you can consider not using JTA/XA, and some trade-offs. In all other cases, JTA/XA offers significant benefits in terms of reliability and simplicity.

Scenario Feasibility without JTA/XA JTA/XA benefits
At most one resource access Safe, although system locks may keep the transaction pending Infinite locks are impossible
Multiple resource accesses, but in same back-end system Safe if you use the same connection for each access - sharing data between different accesses may require thread-local manipulation of the shared connection handle, and commit handling is complex Data sharing is handled by XA
Multiple queries in different back-end systems Possible, though correctness is not guaranteed Correct reads in all cases
Many back-ends Not safe: only do this if you are willing to face data loss in case of a crash No data loss or corruption
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