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The main focus during the next releases will be on the following... All dates are tentative dates. We reserve the right to alter the set of included or excluded features in any way required to maximize product success.

ExtremeTransactions Release Planning

Release Main Focus When Cases (developers only)
3.7 Performance optimisations March 2011 (Released) fogbugz
3.8 Redesigned logging, OSGi improvements, examples for JPA and PostgreSQL May 2012 (Released) fogbugz
3.9 More powerful JMX controls, optimized recovery logging and increased performance [support subscribers only] Oct 2013 fogbugz
4.0 Improved support for cloud deployments and virtualization June 2015 fogbugz

Note: from release 3.7 on, the roadmap for TransactionsEssentials coincides with the roadmap of ExtremeTransactions. There are no longer separate releases: TransactionsEssentials is now built as part of the ExtremeTransactions build.

Things We Are Watching

The following are some things we are watching with interest... They might one day become part of our plans but not as yet.

  • Non-xa pools for plain JDBC/JMS
  • Should we provide a JCA implementation, e.g. for Apache Jackrabbit compatibility?
  • AMQP
  • The SCA programming model, and how it can benefit from our TCC and CAP approaches.
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