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How do I use Atomikos with Maven?

Our latest releases are maven compatible and we have our own maven repository (the URL is included in the download email which is sent to you after you complete the TransactionsEssentials Download Form).

How can I disable lookup of

In pre-4.0 releases, setting the system property com.atomikos.icatch.no_file to an arbitrary non-null value will avoid lookup of any properties file. In that case, you must supply the properties as a constructor argument to the UserTransactionServiceImp object. As of release 4.0, there is no explicit way to avoid lookup - but lookup errors will not lead to any warnings.

If you want to use a specific file of your own, you can set the system property com.atomikos.icatch.file to contain the full path to your own properties file. In that case, won't be searched either.

Do you support the 'last-resource' gambit?

Yes, see Using non-XA JDBC drivers

Can I use third-party connection pools?

Yes and no. You can, if these pools are compliant with our JTA design. See Using an external connection pool with TransactionsEssentials® for the underlying explanation.

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