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Configuring SwiftMQ

WARNING: This page still uses the older JMS connectors, and needs updating to the newer JMS drivers available in the current Atomikos releases (also see Using TransactionsEssentials with JMS).

All we have for now is a sample JMS application using Spring and SwiftMQ.


This sample application has been successfully tested against SwiftMQ version 7.2 but other versions should work fine as well.

Before the applications can be run you must have:


There are 2 subfolders in the archive:

  • jmsConsumer - A simple application that reads JMS messages.
  • jmsProducer - A simple application that writes JMS messages.

There is a run.bat and a run.sh script in each folder that starts the application.

Download the sample application here:

zip version 1 uploaded by LudovicOrban on 09 Jun 2008 - 08:04
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